IES 12 de Outubro has been committed to the internationalization of Higher Vocational Training for more than 6 years and since then we are committed to quality and innovation and remain committed to improving the educational and employment opportunities of young Europeans. In this sense, IES 12 de Outubro has participated in the Erasmus+ Programme in recent years in different KA108 and KA107 consortia, organizing mobility of trainees’ students and trainees’ staff, allowing them to carry out part of their curricular training in countries like Finland, Ireland, Italy, England, Poland or Portugal.

IES 12 de Outubro's internationalization strategy is aimed at developing and improving the quality of the training offer by strengthening international cooperation, creating stable collaboration networks with training centres, organizations and companies abroad, which help to advance in two lines basic strategies: the multicultural and linguistic preparation of the students and therefore the improvement of their employability, and secondly, providing, to all our training offer and the environment, a new innovative, more multicultural and global vision.


Erasmus+ aims at developing and sharing knowledge and experiences at institutions and organisations from different countries.


eTwinning is an initiative from the European Commission that is part of the Erasmus+, which is an European programme on education, training, youth and sports. Its main objective is to foster collaboration among European schools using ICT (Information and Communication Technology).


PIALE is a programme by Xunta de Galicia addressed to foreign language teachers and CLIL teachers (Content and Language Integrated Learning) to improve their language skills.


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Erasmus Charter for Higher Education and Erasmus Policy Statement available at: Document


The Erasmus+ programme aims to develop and share knowledge and professional and social experiences for students enrolled in vocational studies, graduates and vocational studies teachers.

This programme offers many opportunities for its participants, predominantly:

  • Students and graduates: the Erasmus+ programme helps to acquire a valuable working experience through training periods abroad and it shows its positive effects for future working perspectives. Besides, it provides an opportunity to improve language skills, become independent and self-confident and get used to new cultures.
  • Teachers: the programme offers teacher training and non-teaching opportunities. Training abroad involves observation of professional activities or specific courses.


Erasmus+ is a unique programme that seeks to boost working perspectives as well as the personal development of both teachers and students.

Note: “All projects published in the European Programme section on the IES 12 de Outubro webpage are financed jointlyby the European Erasmus+ programme and our centre. The content of these publications is the sole responsibility of IES 12 de Outubro. Neither the European commission nor the SEPIE (Spanish Service for the Internationalisation of Education) are responsible for the usage of the information here provided”.



IES 12 de Outubro's internationalization strategy will mainly pursue the following objectives:

  • To provide quality training in Vocational Training, improving personal competitiveness in the European labour market and thus increasing the possibilities for specialization of students and teachers, making High Vocational Training an attractive and relevant option.
  • To allow sociocultural and linguistic exchange and the strengthening of relations between the member countries of the EU, thus consolidating the feeling of belonging to the Union in our educational community
  • To improve individual employability and social cohesion, facilitating access to the entire educational community according to their needs, within a system based on equal opportunities and on the principles of respect and non-discrimination.
  • To update the capacities of teachers in teaching methodologies and techniques specific to the respective specialties (job shadowing and teaching periods abroad) recognizing and providing visibility to these results
  • To promote convergence towards a European Education Area by exchanging and contrasting legislative references, knowledge and experiences in higher technical training, on the curricula, academic organization, teaching methodologies and the labour market of each of the training specialties offered at our centre
  • To encourage innovation and promote the use of ICT, which is already one of the strategic objectives of the IES 12 de Outubro, improving our research and collaboration capacity with other international entities to apply it in teaching and transmit it to the real context of the labour market. And considering the results of the monitoring and evaluation instruments of mobility and exchange activities, in order to strengthen our international dimension.